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Greg Vinnicombe

Greg Vinnicombe

Greg was a founding member and former Chair of the Yorkshire Solution Focused Brief Therapy Group. He has also acted as a member of the General Committee for the UK Association of Solution Focused Practice.

Over the past seven years Greg has lectured in Solution Focused Practice at several Yorkshire and Chinese Universities. He is a qualified social worker and holds an MA in Child Protection and is an Accredited Expert Witness. He has been employed as a front-line worker and manager in the private, public and voluntary sectors.

Since becoming aware of Solution Focused Practice 11 years ago, Greg applied this in his daily contact with clients and staff members. He then provided training and consultancy in Solution Focused Practice for front-line practitioners and managers working with a variety of client groups including children and parents, adults experiencing difficulties with substance misuse or mental health problems and business coaches.

For the past five years Greg has run his own consultancy and training business 


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